If you lack ground space vertical gardening is a good option to plant edibles.  You can plant small plant varieties like herbs, salad greens and strawberries.  Using a vertical wall garden planter makes it easy to move it to a sunny location and attach it to a fence or wall. It also protects it from animals that can nimble on it.  The best time to plant is in early spring.strawberry plants

This year I wanted to start a strawberry patch but in my garden I ran out of ground space for planting it.  I was browsing online one day and I found this hanging wall garden planter (see picture below) with thirty six pockets.  I thought I’ll try it.  I decided to use different varieties of strawberry plants.  When the fruit comes in the summer, I can taste which one has the best flavor.  I added a few herbs and marigolds to deter insects. The potting soil I used here is already enriched with organic fertilizer. vertical gardening materials

Vertical Gardening Materials and Instructions


Kellogg’s Organic Plus potting soil

wall garden planter

Strawberry plants (4-inch)

small herbs like parsley, chives, cilantro, mint

Marigold (6-pack or 4-inch)

nylon cable ties

small hand trowel

garden gloves


  1. Choose a sunny location and hang the vertical wall garden planter on a fence or wall using the nylon cable ties.  If the wall is concrete use screws.fasteners attach the wall planter to the fence
  2. Scoop the potting soil and fill up to 1/4 of the pouch.
  3. Place each strawberry plant in the pouch, adding more soil around it. Make sure to leave a 1/2 inch space from the top of the pouch.
  4. Gently firm the soil around the plant.
  5. Water each plant gently.  Water 2-3 times a week if the soil is dry.vertical wall garden planter

If you are not using enriched potting soil, feed plants in the spring with liquid fertilizer for tomatoes which is rich in potassium.  If runners start showing, cut and discard them unless you want to propagate them.  You can plant these new runners in a separate pot.  After fruiting cut dead leaves.

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