To my beloved readers and followers:

It has been many months since I last posted to this blog, and some of you finding this message may be wondering where I've gone.

After some truly shocking and unexpected events, I've moved to a new place. I will one day write about my experience over the past months, but I want to apologize to my readers and my subscribers for my absence.

During this difficult time, it has been very hard for me to find inspiration. And yet, through it all I've been reminded that even in the darkest of times, even in the midst of a global pandemic, even when your life for the past 30 years is taken away from you, there is still good, there is still love, there still is wonder in this world. And we must savor it.

Just savor it.

Coinciding with my new beginning, a new beginning will be launching on Just Savor It soon. Stay tuned.