One of the easiest plant to grow for me is Sedum Palmeri (Stonecrop). It’s just a wonderful plant that really checks all the boxes. Once you get your hands on this succulent, I’m sure you will want to plant them all over the yard.

My first sedum came from cuttings given to me by my aunt. I was in Rome, Italy visiting her and was pleasantly surprised by her small but attractive garden. I loved the fragrance of the white wisteria that hugged the wall, and the colorful geraniums cascading from a window box. Then the sedum caught my eye with its blue-green leaves with red tips and showy star-shaped yellow flowers.

When I got back home I planted the sedum cuttings directly on the ground and in pots. Even without roots, they grew just fine. No fertilizer or extra care needed. After a while, they multiplied and bloomed in early spring. Now I like to snip a few cuttings and plant them where there are empty spots in the garden.

sedum palmeri

Because they are succulents, these plants thrive in tough conditions with very little water and hot weather. So if you forget to water this sedum, no worries! The only thing they need the most is sun which is free.

Sedum Palmeri grows 4-6 inches tall and spreads 6-10 inches. This makes them ideal for borders, rock gardens, containers, and ground covers. Plant them in full sun (Zone 3) or partial shade, in well-drained soil.

In the summer I water my sedum once every 2 weeks when the temperature gets really hot and in the fall/winter I just leave the watering to the rain.

When planting sedum in containers, you might want to try using a big white ceramic bowl filled with cuttings. See how I made it in this post. It makes for a perfect centerpiece on an outdoor coffee table or dining table.