spooky Halloween wreath

Make a Spooky Halloween Wreath from Garden Cuttings

Reusing plant cuttings is a great fun idea in making a spooky Halloween wreath.  After pruning and deadheading plants this weekend I gathered a lot of them to use in this project.

Growing along the back fence is my beautiful white star jasmine vine that needed a nice trim. The branches are thin and flexible, which is  perfect to bend around to form a wreath.  Fresh cuttings are good to use here. Once they start to dry, then it will be hard to bend it.

Similarly, other cuttings like twigs, ornamental grass, spent flowers and pods can all be used.  Also, the more vine cuttings you use, the thicker the wreath will be.  So here’s how to do it.


Vine cuttings about 3 ft. long

twigs with autumn colored leaves

Ornamental grass cuttings

spent flowers and pods

fishing line

1 Halloween mask (from the dollar store)

1 nail




  1. Gather vine cuttings of about 3 ft. long.  Next use gloves to take 6 cuttings at a time and twist it together. This will be your starting strand.  Repeat process and make at least 10 twisted strands.
  2. Twist together 2 strands at the thinner end of the first strand. Next,  repeat process and form it into a circle about 12 inches in diameter. After that, tuck ends inside strands as you go.
  3. Take 3-5 twigs, grasses, spent flowers, and pods and start tucking it inside the wreath, going clockwise.  Then repeat process 4-5 times around the wreath.
  4. Use a nail to poke a hole on top of the mask centering it.  Next, use fishing line to tie the mask to the top of the wreath.  Then cut another piece of fishing line about 8 inches long and tie it around on the same area to hang the wreath to the door.spooky Halloween wreath
    What I love about this Halloween wreath is it costs only $1 (the price of the mask).  Everything else I already have in the house. I’m sure the trick-or-treaters will love this.