As I walk through the garden this autumn season I thought it’s a good time to share my garden updates. We all know that when we plant something we hope for the best. However, not all plants grow successfully from seeds, cuttings or division. Certainly there will be successes as well as failures.

Tall Avocado

You may remember how I tried planting avocado from seed that came out of a fruit from the market. I actually planted 2 avocado seeds, but only 1 took off. What a pleasant surprise when one seed grew to be 4 feet tall now. Keeping it in a pot works well for me as I don’t have anymore space for a tree in the backyard. Now all I have to do is patiently wait for it to bear fruit.

Strawberries were Sweet

The next thing I planted was a vertical strawberry garden with some herbs and marigolds. Well, the strawberries turned out to be productive. I can’t tell you enough how sweet the berries were. Some of the strawberries survived the extreme heat and windy days. These strawberries are the perennial “Quinault”. The other variety “Sequoia” that are annuals died out after bearing fruit. The annual herbs cilantro and parsley also died out after summer. Of course, the marigolds are gone too.

Leafy Mango

Then, how can I forget the mango seed I planted? It also took off nicely! Remember how I got the seed from a fruit I ate? After a few weeks, it sprouted beautifully and grew leaves. Now it is about one foot tall with even more leaves. I deliberately planted this in a pot so I can easily move it inside the house when temperatures drop in the winter.

fall garden updates on mango seed planted

Hardy Daylilies

As far as the daylily that I divided, well, I grew 3 more new plants out of it. Remember how I planted them in bare spots in the garden? Well, they are thriving well and even bloomed this summer.

So you see, whatever we plant in the garden, sometimes there will be successes and failures. Some may grow and some might not. I’m just glad that I have more successes this year. And the failures didn’t stop me from trying again.