This weekend I promised myself to repot houseplants that have outgrown its 6-inch pot. I love my houseplants because of their attractive glossy leaves and interesting form.  They also clean the air inside the house.


One particular plant grew really fast and it is time to move it to a bigger container.  I noticed the roots are shooting out of the bottom holes and the soil dries out easily.  Adding fresh new potting soil and slow-release fertilizer will be good for the plant to stay healthy.  Here’s how I did it…..


a pot with holes in the bottom (bigger than old pot)

bag of potting soil

1  Tbsp slow-release fertilizer like Osmocote or MiracleGro

hand trowel

pair of gloves

old newspaper or plastic liner

drip tray


  1.  Line the work surface with old newspaper or plastic liner.  This will make clean-up easier later.
  2. Use gloves and pull out plant from the pot by holding the bottom of the stem.  If it won’t come out, cut the plastic container and release the plant.
  3. Inspect the root ball.  Next, carefully separate roots that are bound together. If it’s tight, use a knife to score the bottom of the root ball (vertically and horizontally).  Then carefully pull roots outward.
  4. Place some potting soil in the new pot enough to fit the height of the plant leaving 1/2 inch space on the top the pot. Next, spread 1 Tbsp of slow-release fertilizer around the plant. Mix it in with the trowel. This will feed the plant for  3 months.  Then fill around the sides of the plant with more potting soil.  Leave a 1/2-inch space from the top of the pot.  Press lightly to firm the soil.
  5. Water the plant gently until moist. This is also a good time to wash the leaves and stems to get rid of accumulated dust.  Let it drain and dry before taking the plant back inside the house. Use a drip tray to protect the floor or table.


Houseplants will be happy when given enough light, water, air and plant food.  Water it regularly and make sure you cut off dead leaves. Re-apply plant food after three months except in the winter.  Proper care will give you more years to enjoy your houseplants.[amazon_link asins=’B06Y4VMTVF’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’justsavorit-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’35d5d582-48ca-11e8-96ed-8d5cd33c03a7′]