As an avid gardener I enjoy discovering new plants like this Electric Pink Cordyline. In the world of gardening people can relate to the times when you feel the urge to make a garden corner more beautiful. On my trip to a nursery last week, it instantly caught my eye as soon as I spotted it.


Cordyline Electric Pink (zone 9-12) has upright dramatic foliage color in dark maroon with bright pink edges. This evergreen plant is native in the western Pacific region, New Zealand, Australia, South America and Southeast Asia. It can grow in full or partial sun in the garden or containers with average or enriched soil. At full maturity, this plant can grow up to 2-4 feet high. By spring time, small fragrant white flowers appear through summer.

Water Requirement

It is best to water cordyline once or twice a week, depending on how hot the weather is. If you plant it in a container, it may need more watering. It can also tolerate mild drought. For optimum growth, try to fertilize it three times a year. If you over water or under water Cordyline, the tips of the leaves turn brown.


Use Cordyline as a specimen plant to add dazzle to your landscape. When you combine it with lime green colored plants or bright yellow flowers, it really pops. Because of its intense hues, planting it in rows certainly creates a dramatic visual impact.

In my garden I have a corner near the driveway that needs an attractive focal point. At the moment, there is an existing big rock with flat stones laid around it. This is where I planted my Cordyline Electric Pink. I also purchased a 2-gallon container because at this size it’s already established. Next to it I planted a blue green Agave and yellow Kangaroo Paw. Then I also have Mexican feather grass and blue ice plant planted near this group.

So in the future I might add Mexican heather or Lantana next to the Cordyline to add more visual impact. What would you plant with it?