Although it’s a lot of work raking leaves this season, you can save and reuse fall leaves in different ways. So don’t throw them away in the trash bin! Here are a few ways you can reuse them around the house and garden….

Make a wreathColorful fall leaves from maple, birch, oak, gingko, aspen, poplar and birch are excellent for making wreaths. Bundle it with a string and add it to a store bought wreath form. This definitely adds a nice festive touch to your front door.

Joanna Kosinska

Add it to your compost pile – Layer fall leaves with greens such as grass cuttings or vegetable scraps in the compost pile. After they break down, it will become a rich, organic soil amendment for the garden.

Use it as mulch in the garden – Mulch around plants with shredded leaves and it will retain moisture in the soil and reduce weeds. As the leaves decompose, it makes the soil loose and crumbly, allowing water and nutrients to penetrate roots. Additionally, they provide food for the worms and soil microorganisms.

Decorate the table – Spread a few leaves with fresh pumpkins and seasonal fruit as a centerpiece on the dining table.

Brigitte Tohm

Add it to a candle holder – Glue the leaves inside a glass candle holder for a festive glow.

Decorate the porch – Dress up the front porch with fall leaves, pumpkins, gourds, mums, and other autumn decor for a festive welcome to friends and neighbors.

Make a garland – String fall leaves with raffia or twine into an autumn garland. Then hang it on the kitchen window, door, side gate or dining area.

Make a pile and let children play with it – This is a fun way for children to enjoy the season in the yard. After raking, make a pile and have children jump on it. Remember doing this when you were a kid?

Annie Spratts