Although my garden is not so active now compared to the summer months, I tried growing edibles in a raised planter box. I designed and built this planter box from free repurposed wood that we already have.

Because of pest problems my vegetable patch in the back of the garden was not productive. Rodents devoured apples, peaches, blackberries, guava, and leafy vegetables . It is the first time in years that I had this problem. This really made me think to try a raised planter box in another area of the yard.

For the location I picked the east side yard which gets lots of sun. Next, I decided on the size of 25″ x 36″ x 15″ and designed it. Then we gathered some wood that we got for free. The 3 side wood pieces are 1 x 6 inches stacked on top of each other. Cutting the pieces are easy with a table saw. The legs are 2 x 4. For a more finished look I added a 1/2 x 3 trim on top.

There are smaller pieces to support the boards under and inside the side boards. It was easy to nail them together with a nail gun. The last thing to do was to drill holes in the bottom.

After putting it all together I stained the planter box with two coats of dark charcoal stain for a more modern look. To protect the wood, it is a good idea to line it with a black plastic liner stapled around the top. This plastic liner also need holes in the bottom in line with the holes on the wood.

Before planting anything I filled the planter box with organic potting soil mixed with a few tablespoons of organic slow release fertilizer. Then I planted some seeds of beets and bokchoy. I also planted some garlic from what I bought at the market. I had green onions at that time, so I cut all the green parts only and planted the bottoms with the roots.

I’m happy to say that everything is thriving well. So far, no rodents have discovered my new vegetable planter box! Now I’m already planning on building another one to grow more vegetables. Only next time I will build it wider.