Succulents in a Pot

How to Grow More Succulents Using Cuttings

If you love to grow more succulents in your garden, let me show you how to propagate them using cuttings.  It’s really  easy, especially if you already have succulents growing now.  Succulents are not fuzzy at all, they survive with very little care, and with almost no water.  They also prefer well-drained soil and full sun.  In my area (Zone 10) succulents are native and they can adopt well to our climate. Some varieties can tolerate partial shade.  As I discovered myself, you can easily grow them directly on the ground or in a pot. Here’s how I do it……

Grow More Succulents Directly on the Ground

  1.  Choose a healthy new growth on the tip of the plant and cut a 6 to 8-inch piece from the tip of the plant using a clean bypass pruner. Cuttings from succulents
  2.  If there are leaves on the lower half of the plant, cut them off or pull them off.  If there are flowers, cut them off too.  This way the plant’s energy is concentrated on growing and not on flowering.
  3. Find a sunny spot in your garden with well-drained soil and stick the cutting directly on the ground.  Make sure you cover at least 1 inch of the plant bottom with soil.  Firm the soil around it.sedum cutting
  4. Water the cutting gently.  In the first few weeks, water it twice a week if the weather is too hot.  If the weather is mild, water it once a week. After it grows, water it once a week  in the summer and once every two weeks in the winter.
  5. In 2 to 4 weeks, the plant will be rooted and will have new growth. sedum planted from a cutting

Grow More Succulents in a Pot

If you want to plant the cuttings in a pot, you will need potting soil and your choice of container with a hole in the bottom.  Choose a size of container depending on the mature size of the succulent plant.  If it grows in a low mound, choose a low container.  Taller plants will thrive in a 16-inch container or more.

  1.  Follow steps 1 and 2 above.
  2.  Cover the hole inside the container with a piece of old window screen, a few small rocks or broken chards from a clay pot.  It will prevent the soil to seep out through the hole. Fill the container with potting soil or cactus mix leaving 1/2 inch space on the rim. I used Kellogs Organic Patio Plus potting mix which already has nutrients in it.
  3. Plant the cutting in the potting soil, cover at least 1 inch on the bottom.  Firm the soil around the stem.Cuttings planted in a pot
  4. Follow Step 4 above.  water cuttings gentlyPlace container in a sunny spot. Succulents Grown in a pot

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So there you have it.  It’s  really easy to grow more succulents using cuttings from your plants.  I have planted the cuttings directly on the ground and in a pot and it works.  After a few weeks, you will notice more growth and maybe some flowers too.


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