I love avocado and every time I eat it I always wonder if I plant the seed will it grow?  I decided to do an experiment one day using three avocado seeds that I had from making guacamole.  I chose to plant three seeds at the same time to see what the success rate is at the end.  I wanted to see if all of them will sprout or not.  The best time to do this in early fall or spring. Here’s how I did it……


3 small 6-inch plastic pots with holes in the bottom

1 bag potting soil

3 fresh avocado seeds

1 small bowl


How to Plant the Avocado Seed

  1. Wash avocado seeds well in cold running water, wiping of the excess pulp from the seeds with a paper towel.grow avocado from seed
  2. Place the avocado seeds in a small bowl.  Add water into the bowl just enough to cover the seeds.  Put the bowl aside indoors and leave it to soak for 24 hours.Avocado seeds
  3. The next day, place some potting soil in the 6-inch pots filling it up halfway.  Transfer the seed in each pot with the pointed side on the top.  The rounded end of the avocado is where the roots will grow. Cover the seed with potting soil just barely covering the top. Firm the soil with your hands.avocado seed
  4. Water the avocado seeds gently until soil is moist.
  5. Place the pots outside (if weather is mild) under indirect sunlight and in a few weeks you will see it sprout. After it grows a few inches, place them in a sunny location.avocado seedling
  6. Water the pot regularly making sure it is kept moist.
  7. As the plant grows bigger, repot the avocado plant in a 12-inch pot and continue to water regularly.young avocado plant
  8. You can choose to transplant the potted avocado plant into the ground if you have enough space in your yard. A Haas avocado tree can grow up to 20-30 feet tall.
  9. Fertilize the plant as needed.  Find fertilizers specifically for fruit trees or avocados at nurseries and home improvement stores.[amazon_link asins=’B000KL1M88′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’justsavorit-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’382e79ee-c8c2-11e7-9ea2-b52cf5c00eff’]

I’m happy to say that all three seeds that I planted grew successfully. Avocados like warm climate.  If temperatures drop below 45 degrees it will not grow well. An avocado tree takes 3-5 years to fruit so be patient and you will reap the rewards later.  Just think about how you will enjoy not having to buy expensive avocado from the store.