Sedum praeatum (Green cockscomb) is a succulent plant that does not require a lot of care or water.  It is one of my favorite plants in the garden.  The leaves are shiny, lime green with red tips.  The pretty yellow flowers are star-shaped.  This plant blooms twice in my area – in spring/summer and in winter. It is easy to grow.  Just put in the sun and it will thrive.  If you want to propagate it, just cut about 6 inches long from the plant and stick it in the ground.  Cover about 1 inch of the stem with soil and firm it in place. Watch how it grows in one season! In my garden when a plant is doing well, I plant cuttings from it in other areas.

This plant was given to me as cuttings by my aunt years ago.  My family went to visit her in Rome, Italy where she lived.  She loved to cook and garden like me.  One day, we were dining outside in her garden when I noticed the yellow blooms on a pretty plant.  I asked her what it was and where she got them.  She offered to give me cuttings to take home and plant.  On the day we were leaving I wrapped the stems of the cuttings with wet paper towel.  Then I wrapped them in aluminum foil and placed it in a plastic bag.  I kept it in  my carry on bag during the flight home.  Years after that, sadly my aunt passed away of breast cancer.  With this plant thriving in my garden, I cherish her memory.