Reuse Salad Containers to Grow Seeds

If you like starting seeds in modules or small containers, here is another great way to do it.  After I’ve collected salad containers from the grocery store, I thought why not reuse them to start growing seeds.  What I love about it is they’re free and some of them already have holes for drainage. If they don’t, it’s just so easy to drill holes in them.  Then I cut off the top lid with scissors.  Later I used the lid as a tray to hold the container.grow seeds by reusing salad containers

Alongside this, I’ve also sowed seeds directly on the ground.  But I wasn’t so lucky this time when the bugs devoured the zinnias, coriander, and cosmos completely. These poor tiny seedlings didn’t even have a chance to get going!  At least, I have a few radishes left on the ground.  It was a smart thing to put netting over them.

The salad mix I’m trying this season is “Mesclun”.  I just love the different colors and variety of greens in the mix.  I also sowed “Sweet Pea” which is doing very well after I transplanted them.reuse salad containersreuse salad containers to grow seeds

What I’m most happy about is sowing “Delicata” squash seeds which I saved.  These seeds came from a squash that I cooked last fall.  This time I protected the tiny seedlings with old plastic nursery pots. (more of this later in another post) To my surprise, this cover really worked. So far, the young squash seedlings are growing well, unbothered by the critters.  With netting over them, the birds can’t even get a nibble.

When sowing seeds, remember to fill 3/4 of the container with potting soil, leaving a 1/4 inch space on the top.  Sow seeds following directions on depth in the packet.  Water it well and place it in direct sun outside when temperature is warm enough. Then water every 2-3 days when soil begins to dry. In 7-10 days, you will see sprouts.

So as you can see from the above photos, growing seeds in a recycled salad container is easy even for a novice in gardening. I hope this is something you would want to try and let me know what happens.  This is the exciting part about gardening, you’ll never know if seeds will take off, grow and give you a bountiful harvest.

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