15 Dazzling Plants for a Luminous Moon Garden

I’m always dreaming of an enchanting moon garden with bright white flowers, silvery and variegated foliage.  Sweet floral fragrance will be filling the air.  I have the perfect spot in the garden to do this – right outside the bedroom. Because I have large windows and glass door, I can easily view the garden.

Scent in the Air

In my mind I will be planting beautiful white flowers such as white iceberg roses (zone 5-9) for its citrusy, sweet scent. This disease-resistant rose has glossy leaves and abundant blooms. Next, I would love to have white narcissus (zone 8-11) tucked in between the perennials. With that, gorgeous white gardenias (zone 6) will add more intoxicating fragrance.

Then for climbing the fence, star jasmine (zone 7-8) will be perfect, or honeysuckle (zone 4, 6).  Both of these plants provide fragrant blooms from spring to fall. From my window, I can enjoy the sweet scent morning and night.

Bright White 

For impact, perennials like Summer Sky or Albus Lily of the Nile (agapanthus – zone 8-10) will be like fireworks with its loose globes of flowers.  Then in the back where there is part shade, white hydrangea (zone 4-9) would be lovely with its big, pompom-like flowers. Also, I can’t forget sweet alyssum (7-11) to hug the ground.

white daisy for a moon garden
white cape daisy

And who wouldn’t love dainty white cape daisies (zone 3-10)?  Butterflies love these flat-petaled beauties.

Variegated Leaves

For texture and color, grasses like variegated lily turf (zone 4-10) will brighten the night sky with its attractive foliage. In addition, hosta Patriot (zone 3-9) also has the green and white leaves and flowers on long spikes.  Then for graceful movement, you can’t beat Mexican grass (zone 6-10) with its fine, silky fronds.

Silver Hues

From spring to fall, the silvery colored leaves of an artichoke (zone 7-11) will not fade.  Also for added texture, I will go with dusty miller (zone 8-10) or sage (zone 5-9) which has felt-like leaves.


Sit and Relax

Of course a moon garden won’t be complete without a place to sit,  relax and enjoy the view.  Adding a comfortable garden bench or cushioned chair on a quiet corner for me and my visitors is essential.

So with all of these beautiful ideas for a moon garden, I can’t wait to begin. Although it’s a lot of work, I’m sure it will be quite magical.



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