How to Reuse Tree Cuttings Around your Home – Save Money

Have you ever wondered how to reuse tree cuttings in the winter season? Well, in my home we don’t throw cuttings away and try to reuse them in many ways. In this post I’d like to share with you how we make use of tree cuttings and save money on winter home decor.

We have four large trees in our property – sweet gum tree, silver dollar eucalyptus, Chinese pistachio and birch tree. Every winter we have to prune them to control the size and shape. Pruning also gets rid of dead branches, and promote healthy growth. Here are some of the ways that I reuse the cuttings in decorating our home in the fall-winter season….

Cut some twigs and make a bouquet in any room

Trees such as sweet gum (liquidambar) or Chinese pistachio, have leaves with spectacular fall color. They are perfect for fall decorating. For evergreens like eucalyptus, they add a lovely fresh scent and attractive blue-green color to your home.

Place some of the cuttings on the front porch for Halloween or Thanksgiving

Welcome your guest with bright fall colors such as scarlet, orange, gold, and burgundy.

Make your own eucalyptus wreath

My silver dollar eucalyptus tree has such attractive blue-green leaf color and fresh fragrance that I love. Buy a $1 round wreath frame at the Dollar store that’s made of wire or bamboo. (I used the 12-inch bamboo frame) Next, cut 6-8 inch stems with healthy leaves. Tie 3 stems together with a twist tie and repeat until you have enough to cover the whole wreath. Then use a floral wire to attach each cluster tightly enough to the wreath. Make sure each one is overlapping the other to cover the frame. Don’t cut the wire until you get to the end though. You will need to twist the end tight and make an extra 4-inch loop on the wire. This will serve as hanger for the wreath.

reuse tree cuttings

Hang eucalyptus cuttings in the shower for a spa-like feel

Eucalyptus leaves release oils when steamed by the hot water. It can clear nasal congestion and inflammation. After a long stressful day it can also release tension when you breathe the fresh minty scent.

Save branch cuttings for firewood

If you have a wood fireplace or fire pit outdoors, you can save money by using free firewood from the cuttings. Make sure they are dried first before using them.

Use cut branches as Christmas tree

Save money by using cut branches as Christmas trees. It works well for an organic, minimal look.

So I hope these tips are helpful for you on using tree cuttings around your home. If you want to grow plants from fresh cuttings click here. Or maybe you want to reuse fall leaves check out this post and click here. Happy gardening!

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