Top 7 Gardening Tips for End of Summer

As summer season is winding down, here are some helpful gardening tips that I do in the yard.  These gardening chores will save you a lot of time and work in the fall and winter.  Doing these things will also help maintain a healthy and beautiful garden.

  1. Deadhead all spent flowers Flowers that bloom in spring and summer will have faded by now and needs to be cut off.  Doing this will help plants save energy for next spring and will prevent disease.  After cutting, save them in the compost pile or bin.gardening tips
  2. Keep mowing the lawn regularly and feed the grass.  I use Epsom salt to feed the grass and it works wonders.mow the lawn
  3. Mulch around trees and plant beds to about 1-inch thick to keep soil moisture and prevent weeds from growing. Several materials can be used as mulch such as grass clippings, shredded bark, pine needles and compost.Apply mulch
  4. Rake fallen dead leaves and spent flowers.  This will prevent bugs and disease.Fall Gardening tips
  5. Buy bulbs to plant in fall.  In warmer climate bulbs may need to be refrigerated before planting.  Buying early will give a lot of choices and variety available.  Follow planting instructions in the package.bulbs
  6. Keep watering potted plants once a week or when soil is dry. Then hose them down occasionally to get rid of insects, dust and dirt.  Cut off dead leaves and stems.water potted plants
  7. Prepare soil and plant cool season crops such as peas, lettuces, carrots, broccoli, assorted greens, potatoes and radishes. Buy seeds or small seedlings to save time.lettuces

Because of the weather cooling down, it’s the perfect time to tidy up the garden and prepare for spring growth. Most importantly, doing some or all of the above tips really makes a difference in the overall look and maintenance of the yard. It’s a small price we have to pay for a healthy and beautiful landscape. Happy gardening!

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