7 Gorgeous White Flowers for Easter

One of the better ways to celebrate Easter is with gorgeous white flowers. I love  decorating and gifting with white flowers for Easter because to me they symbolize purity and holiness. Additionally, white flowers are simple and timeless.  Here are some of my favorite white flowers for Easter……


Also known as trumpet lily for its large fragrant trumpet-shaped flowers. Obviously, this perennial bulb is the most traditional choice for Easter. Christians believed that these lilies grew where Jesus’ sweat and tears fell when he was crucified. After Easter, these plant will do well when transplanted outside.

2. RANUNCULUS ranunculus

Multiple cup-shaped blooms with layers of delicate paper-thin petals last longer than a week. As the flower opens, you’ll notice the attractive lime-green eye in the center. Use  cut flowers or potted plant to dazzle your interiors or garden.


Did you know that this plant’s beautiful heart-shaped flowers last for 8 weeks? Even if the flowers fade, you are still left with large, shiny leaves.  When you buy a potted plant, just be aware that it needs warmth, high humidity and light to bloom. Try to let the plant dry a little before each watering.


Tulips symbolize “forgiveness”, which is a great virtue for Easter. What makes this perennial bulb attractive is the cup or star-shaped flowers and thick leaves. Once you see tulips bloom, it heralds the arrival of spring. Sold as cut flowers or potted plant.


Another breathtaking plant with velvety, sweet scented blooms. Gardenias symbolize love, peace and purity.  Attractive in a pot or planted in the garden with their evergreen glossy leaves.


One of the trademarks of hydrangea is their big rounded clusters of beautiful blooms.  Because of its sturdy stem, it makes a great cut flower and excellent for drying. An elegant choice for Easter for it symbolizes understanding and gratitude.


white flowers for easter

For a knockout sweet fragrance, pick the graceful, white Oriental lily. Besides having huge, brilliant white flowers, the sturdy stem gives it stature. If you grow it in the garden , you will be rewarded every spring with fantastic blooms.



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