Great Pantry Items You can Try for Cooking

As an avid cook and baker I get to use a lot of great pantry items.  Some of them I’ve used over and over again.  Some I’ve tried and liked and kept it with my essentials.  So many of them are useful for making soups, stews, sauces, pasta dishes,  appetizers, and dressings.  Here are some of the ones I have tried and kept in my own pantry….

  1. Cento Whole Peeled Italian Style Tomatoes with Basil – These are great for pasta sauce and stews. I find the best fresh flavor of tomatoes from this canned product. Maybe because the whole tomato is intact and not chopped or ground.  Because they are whole you can squeeze them or mash them with a potato masher before adding it into the pot. When I use it in pasta sauce I pulse it in the food processor before adding it into the pot. Most stores have their own brand of this product available.Canned Whole Tomatoes
  2. El Mexicano Crema Favorita – Super delicious and creamy, this Mexican sour cream is perfect for tacos, baked potatoes, sauces, soups, dressing and even baking.Mexican sour cream
  3. Mascarpone –  An Italian Style cream cheese, so good with crepes, baked goods and Tiramisu.  Use it to substitute cream cheese.Mascarpone cheese
  4. Simple Truth Tri-Bean Blends – This blend of kidney, pinto and black beans make for an interesting and colorful chili.  Try it with turkey chili and soups.Tri-Bean blend
  5. Artichoke Hearts – Ready to use, this canned artichoke hearts takes all the hard work away.  No need to peel, cut and clean out the choke.  Add it to pasta or pizza, delicious with spinach and artichoke dip.Artichoke Hearts
  6. Anchovy Fillets in Olive Oil – Add it to home-made Caesar dressing, pizza and pasta.Anchovy fillets
  7. Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownie Mix –  The most fudgy, chocolatey brownie mix out there, it’s a great last-minute dessert to bake.  If you have guests, bake it as a round cake and serve it with vanilla ice cream and fresh raspberries.Brownie mix
  8. Castelvetrano Olives – Large and bright green color make these olives perfect to serve on a cheese tray as a snack or appetizer. Try adding it to stews and pasta sauce.Pantry item staple


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