This year I promised myself I will divide daylilies (Hemerocallis) because they got overcrowded in the garden.  Also I have bare spots in the yard that can use new plantings.  So I said it’s time to do it and I’m sharing with you an easy way how.  Just remember, the best time to divide daylilies is in fall or late summer, after flowering.

Dividing is really not that complicated.  All you need is a shovel, garden fork, spade and a knife. As you follow these steps, you will soon realize that it doesn’t take a lot of time to do it.

  1. Dig up the whole plant using a shovel, garden fork or spade.
  2. Use fork or spade to separate root clump into 4 pieces (or how many you desire).  Cut through big tuberous roots using a knife.


  3. Dampen the root system on each divided plant using a hose.

  4. Choose a sunny spot and replant each division in the ground. Backfill and firm the soil.  Then water it well.

One Plant Makes Five

As you can see below, I have more new plants that I transplanted around the garden.  And it’s free! If you have any extras, you can always give it to friends or family who enjoy gardening.

In order to maintain healthy growth of newly transplanted daylilies, make sure you feed it in the spring. Try an organic fertilizer like Miraclegro and water it regularly.